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  • Angela J. Farmer


I took this shot in the afternoon and had to find a perspective where the light worked.

This was one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever lay eyes on. A turquoise jewel sitting just beneath the iconic Paine Massif in Patagonia. The glacial water brought into the lake by the Paine river looks painted as it changes colors with the rising and setting sun. Chilean Patagonia is a special place that needs protecting. It's endemic species, its pristine environment, and the interconnectivity of land and sea, with 40 percent of the area composed of islands, make it a region of exceptional ecological value. Unfortunately, mining, hydroelectric dams, salmon farming, and other extractive activities pose potential threats to the region and its rich biodiversity.

Conservation Travel Tip - while walking on the man made trails it’s so important to walk single file line as not to widen the trails. Erosion is is the biggest impact we leave on this environment. In Patagonia’s harsh environment it is easy to destroy vegetation surrounding the trails.

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