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Angela J. Farmer

Angela J. Farmer


“Looking through the lens of a camera brings one closer to nature. This closeness allows you to open your heart and connect with it. Only through this connection do you truly start to understand that we co-exist. Without one there is no other. We must save them to save ourselves."


Activist, Adventurer, Conservationist, Travel Blogger and Photographer

Angela J. Farmer is a Canadian-born, activist, and Nature Conservation photographer. Angela Farmer has spent a lifetime crossing borders literally and figuratively. She was raised in Montreal, Canada, part Cree First Nations, part Newfoundlander, her heritage is a testament to a cultural paradox.


She has traveled extensively studying climate change, endangered species, disappearing cultures and our spiritual connection to a place through adventure and the lens of everyday people she meets in her travels. Her work reflects her respect for nature, the natural world and the landscapes that inspire our connections to place and spirit.

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